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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 68. Ladyland to Eyech. Montg

Sir Icarus, jour sonet I haiv sene,
Nocht ignorant vhose bolt that bag come fro.
Je lent jour name to feght against jour frene,
Till one durst neuir avou him self my fo.

I mak a vou Ч and I heir ony mo
Such campillmuts, je better hold jou still.
Je crak so crouse, I ken, becaus jeТr tuo ;
Bot I am dour, and dou not want my will.

Grou I campstarie, it may drau to ill ;
Thairfore it's good in tyme that we wer shed.
My Bee's aloft, and daggit full of skill :
It getts corne drink, sen Grissall toke the bed.

Come on, good gossopis ; let vs not discord ;
With Johne and George je must convoy my Lord.

Alexander Montgomerie

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