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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 67. Eyechiel Montg. Ansueir to Ladyland

Beloued brother, I haif sene jour bill.
And smyld to sie the Sonet that je send.
I sie jow skornfull, thoght je haif no sk[ill,]
Becaus to play the poet je pretend.

Bot sen je craiv jour cunning to be [kend,]
Come on, companion ; I becall jour crak[s :] 
For all the poeme, pleuman, je haif pe[nd,]
I am ouer sair for jou and other sax.

To match Montgomerie, thoght a mint [thou maks,]
Thou menes be me thy maich, and mair nor match ;
Hou beit thou brave vs, bour ! behind our baks,
No man invyis our weilfair, bot a wrech.

Mell not with vs, vhose heads weirs l[aurel . . .]
Our Muse drinks wyne, vhen thyn bot suims in suaits.

If I haif shod jou strait, or on a vane,
Gar Peter Barkley drau the naill agane

Alexander Montgomerie

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