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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 66. Ladyland to Cap. A. Montegomerie

My best belouit brother of the craft,
God ! if je kneu the stait that I am in !
Thoght je be deif, I knou je ar not daft,
Bot kynd aneugh to any of jour kin ;

If je bot sau me, in this winter win,
With old bogogers, hotching on a sped,
Draiglit in dirt, vhylis wat evin to the [skin,]
I trou thair suld be tears or we tua shed.

Bot maist of all, that hes my bailis bred,
To heir hou je, on that syde of the m[ure,]
Birlis at the wyne, and blythlie gois to [bed ;]
Forjetting me, pure pleuman, I am sure.

So, sillie I, opprest with barmie jugg[is,]
Invyis jour state, thatТs pouing Bacchus [luggis.]

Alexander Montgomerie

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