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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 65. From London to W. Murray

Belouit brother, I commend me to jou.
Pleis jou, resaiv this lytil pretie ring,
With all the rest of goodnes I may do jou,
Quhan I may vaik fra service of the king.

Sen for jour saik I keepit sik a thing,
I mene the pece of lether from jour spur,
If I forjet Ч in hemp, God ! nor je hing ! Ч
Vncourtessie comes aluayis of a cur.

Bat je sall find me byding lyk a bur,
Quhilk lichtlie will not leiv the grip it gettis;
And am right dortie to come ouir the dur,
For thame that by my kyndnes no-thing settis.

Thus haif I bene as jit, and sal be so ;
Kynd to my freind, bot fremmit to my fo.

Alexander Montgomerie

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