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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 64. To His Majestie

That he wrote no[t] against vmqull 
M. Jane Cuninghame

Sir, I am sorie that je suld suppone
Me to be one in lucre to delyte,
Or speu despyt against hir vho is gone :
No Ч nevir none culd fee me so to flyte.

I war to wyt, the bureit to bakbyte,
Or to indyt hir families defame,
Thoght Cuningham Ч in conscience I am quy[te,]
By word or wryt. Aneugh nou for my n[ame.]

I sueat for shame, besyd the blot and b[lame,]
Men suld proclame it wer Montgomrie[s muse :]
Fy ! I refuse sik filthie these or theam,
Houbeit at hame mair vncouthnes we wse.

I must confes, it war a fekles fead,
Quha docht do nocht bot to detract the [deid.]

Alexander Montgomerie

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