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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 62. The Poets Apologie to the Kirk of Edinburgh

I wonder of jour Wisdomes, that ar wyse,
That baith miskennis my method and my Muse ;
Quhen I invey, such epithets I wse,
That evin Alecto laughing at me lyis.

My trumpets tone is terribler be tuyis
Nor jon couhorne, vhereof je me accuse ;
For fra the Fureis me with fyr infuse,
Quhom Bautie byts, he deir that bargan byis ;

For if I open wp my anger anes,
To plunge my pen into that stinking Styx,
My tongue is lyk the lyons ; vhair it liks,
It brings the flesh, lyk bryrie, fra the banes :

I think it scorne, besyd the skaith and sklander,
To euin an ape with aufull Alexander.

Alexander Montgomerie

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