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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 57. On his Maistres. IV

Vha wald behold him vhom a god so grievis ?
Vhom he assaild, and dantond with his [dairt,]
Of vhom he freijis and inflams the hairt,
Vhais shame siclyk him gritest honour givis ?

Vha wald behald a jouth that nevir [leives,]
In vain, to folou the object of his smarte ?
Behold bot me, persaiv my painfull pairt,
And the archer that, but mercy, me misch[eivis.]

Thair sall he sie vhat Resone then [can do]
Against his bou, if once he mint bot to
Compell our hairts in bondage basse to be[ir,]
Jit sall he se me happiest appeir,

That in my hairt the amorous heid does [lie]
Vith poysond poynt, vhairof I glore [to die.]

Alexander Montgomerie

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