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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 53. Go, Pen and Paper

Go, Pen and Paper ! publish my complantis ;
Waill weghtie words, because je cannot weep ;
For pitthie poemis prettilie out paintis
My secreit sighis as sorouis gritest heep,

Bred in my breist, je rather dungeon deep,
As prisoners perpetually in pane,
Vhilk hes the credit of my harte to keep,
In martyrdome, but mercy, to remane.

Anatomeje my privie passionis plane,
That sho my smart by sympathie may [sie,]
If they deserve to get some grace agane ;
Vhilk if they do not, I desyr to die.

Go, sonet, soon unto my Soveran say,
Redeme jour man, or dam him but delay.

Alexander Montgomerie

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