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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 49. To M. D. II

Thoght peirlis give pryce, and diamonds be deir,
Or royall rubies countit rich and rare,
The MARGARIT does merit mekle mare,
As jem of jeuels, paragone but peir.

Wald God if it wer gettible for geir !
Culd it be coft, for cost I wald not care ;
Both lyfe and goods, to win it, wold I [ware,]
Provyding I war worthy it to weir.

Nixt wald I wish my purpose broght to [pas,]
That I micht tak and tame the turtle DO[U,]
And set hir syne vhare that I micht sie th[rou]
Ane costly cage of cleirest cristall GLAS ;

Vhilks with my jeuell micht I joyne, I gra[nt,]
I culd not wish in world [ought] that I want.

Alexander Montgomerie

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