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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 48. To M. D. I

              For Skelmurley

Sweet Philomene, with cheiping chyrris and charris,
In hauthornes vher thou hyds thy self and hants,
Beuailing thy virginitie thou wants,
My harte to grone for very grief thou garris.

Thy mirthles mone my melody so marris ;
Vhill as thy changing, chivring nots thou chants,
The peircing pyks groues at thy gorge thou grants ;
So neir is skaith, suppose thou skantly skarris.

For muming I may be thy mirthles match :
As thou art banishd, so am I exyld ;
As thou art trumped, so am I begyld ;
Thou art vnweirdit, I a woful wrech ;

Thou art ashamed to shau thy secreit smart :
My ladyis bagie beirs my bluidy hart.

Alexander Montgomerie

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