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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 44. Eufame Wemis

Treu fame we mis thy trumpet for to tune,
To blau a blast a beuty for to blaise ;
A paragone vhilk poets oght to praise :
Had I that science, I suld sey it sune :

Jit, as I dar, my deutie sall be done
With more affectione nor with formall phrais.
I seme, vhill I vpon hir graces gaze,
Endymion enamord with the Mone.

My Muse, let Mercure language to me len,
With Pindar pennis, for to outspring the spheirs ;
Or Petrarks pith, surpassing all my peirs,
To pingill Apelles pynsell with my pen,

And not to say, as we haif said abone,
Trew fame, we mis thy trumpet for to tone.

Alexander Montgomerie

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