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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 43. Issobell Yong

       By laving so

I trou jour love by loving so vnsene ;
Vnsene siklyk I languish for jour love :
Jour love is comely, constant, chaste, and clene ;
And clene is myne, experience sall prove ;

Prove vhen je pleis, I mynd not to remove ;
Remove vho may, if Destinies decreit :
Decreit is givin by Hymen high above ;
Aboue all bands that blissed band is sweet :

Sueit is that jok so mutuall and meet ;
And meit it war we met, if that we might :
We might perhaps our purpose then compleit :
Compleit it quickly, Reson thinks it right.

Right beiring rule, the righteous suld rejose :
Rejose in God, and on His will repose.

Alexander Montgomerie

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