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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 42. James Lauder

        I wald se mare

I wald se mare nor ony thing I sie ;
I sie not jit the thing that I desyre :
Desyre it is that does content the ee ;
The ee it is vhilk settis the hairt in fyre.

In fyre to fry, tormentit thus, I tyre ;
I tyre far mair, till tyme these flammis I feid :
I feed affectione, spurring to aspyre
Aspyre I sall, in esperance to speid ;

To speed I hope, thoght danger still I dreid ;
I dreid no thing bot ouer long delay :
Delay in love is dangerous indeed ;
Indeid I shape the soner to assay ;

Assay I sall, hap ill or weill, I vou ;
I vou to ventur, to triumph I trou.

Alexander Montgomerie

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