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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 38. I wyt myne ee for vieuing of my wo

I wyt myne ee for vieuing of my wo ;
I wyt myn earis for heiring my mishap ;
I wyt my senses vhilks dissavit me so ;
I wyt acquentance that ih credit crap ;

I wyt the trane that took me with a trap ;
I wyt affectione formest to the feild ;
I wyt misluk that suld me [so enwrap ;]
I wyt my jouth that bot a promeis jeild ;

I wyt my stomoch wes not stoutly ste[ild ;]
I wyt hir looks vhilk left me not alane ;
I wyt my wisdome suld haif bene my sheild ;
I wyt my tongue that told vhen I wes ta[ne :]

Had I my counsell keepit vndeclairde,
I might haif dred, bot deidly not dispairde.

Alexander Montgomerie

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