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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 36. A Ladyis Lamentatione. IV

Fane wald I speir vhat spreit doth me [inspyre.]
I haif my wish, and jit I want my will ;
I covet lyfe, and jit my corps I kill ;
I vrne for anger, jit I haif no yre ;

I flie the flammis, ^it folouis on the [fire ;]
I lyk my lote, and ^it my luk is ill ;
I ^oldin am, and ^it am stryving still ;
I dreid dispair, ^it hope hes heght me hyre ;

My bluid is brunt, and ^it my breist does bleid ;
I haif no hurt, and 3it my hairt hes harmes ;
I am ouircome, but enimie or armis :
The doctours doubtis if I be quik or deid :

If that I kneu of vhome I culd inquyre.
Fain wold I speir vhat spreit does me inspyre.

Alexander Montgomerie

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