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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 34. A Ladyis Lamentatione. II

Melpomene, my mirthles murning Muse !
Wouchsaiv to help a wrechit woman weep,
Vhose chanch is cassin that sho can not chuse
Bot sigh, and sobbe, and soun, vhen sho suld sleep.

More hevynes within my hairt I heep,
Nor cative Cresside, vhair sho lipper lay.
Dispair hes dround my hapeless hope so deep,
My sorrie song is, oh and welauay !

Euen as the oul that dar not sie the day,
For feir [of foulis that then about do proull,]
So am I nou, exyld from honour ay,
Compaird to Cresside and the vgly oull.

Fy, lothsome lyfe ! Fy, death, that dou not [serve me]
Bot quik and dead a bysin thow must [preserve me].

Alexander Montgomerie

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