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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 32. To M. L. Ruthuen, Duches of Lennox

I love the lillie as the first of flours,
Vhose staitly stalk so streight vp is and stay,
To vhome the laive ay lowly louts and [cours,]
As bund so brave a beuty to obey.

Amongs thame selfis it semes as they suld [say :]
УSueet Lillie, as thou art our lamp of light,
Resave our homage to thy honours ay,
As kynd commands to render thee thy right.

Thy blisfull beams, with beutie bumisht bright,
So honours all the gardein vhair thou grouis,
For suetest smell and shyning to the sight ;
The heuins on the sik [matchless grace bestouis,]

That vho persaivis thy excellence by ours
Must love the lillie as the first of flours.Ф

Alexander Montgomerie

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