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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 31. To M. J. Murray

Flie louer, Phœnix. Feirs thou not to fyre
Invironing the aluayis-upuard ayr ?
Vhich thou must pas, before that thou come [thair]
Vharas thy sprit so spurris thee to aspyre ;

To wit, aboue the planetis to impyre,
Behind the compas of Apollos chayr,
And tuinkling round of burning rubies rare,
Quhair all the gods thy duelling do desyre.

Bot duilfull doom of destinies thee dammis,
Before thy blissit byding be above,
The mortal from immortall to remove,
To sacrifice thy self to Phœbus flammis.

I prophecye, vhen so sall come to pa[sse,]
We nevir sie such one come of thy [asse.]

Alexander Montgomerie

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