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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 29. To R. Hudsone. V

Bot sen I sie this proverbe to be true,
"Far better hap to court, nor service good,"
Fairueill, my brother Hudsone [nou to jou]
Vho first fand out of Pegase fut the flood,

And sacred hight of Parnase mytred hood ;
From vhence som tyme the son of [Venus] sent
Tua seuerall shaftis vher he of Delphos stood,
With Pennevs dochter hoping to acquent.

Thy Homers style, thy Petrarks high invent,
Sall vanquish death, and live eternally;
Quhais boasting bou, thoght it be aluayis bent,
Sall neuer hurt the sone of Memorie.

Thou onlie brother of the Sisters Nyne,
Shau to the King this poor complant of myne.

Alexander Montgomerie

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