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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 28. To R. Hudsone. IV

Remembers thou in Æsope of a taill ?
A louing dog wes of his maister fane ;
To faun on him wes all his pastym haill.
His courteous maister clappit him agane.

By stood ane asse, a beist of blunter brane,
Perceiving this, bot looking to no freet,
To pleis hir maister with the counterpane,
Sho clambe on him with hir foull clubbit feet.

To play the messan thoght sho wes not [meit,]
Sho meinit weill, I grant ; hir mynd wes guid :
Bot vhair sho troude hir maister suld hir [treit,]
They battound hir vhill that they sau hir bluid.

So stands with me, vho loues with all my [hairt]
My maister best : some taks it in ill pa[irt.]

Alexander Montgomerie

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