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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 27. To R. Hudsone. III

I feid affectione vhen I sie his Grace,
To look on that vhairin I most delyte ;
I am a lizard, fainest of his face,
And not a snaik, with poyson him to byte ;

Quhais shapes alyk, thoght fashions differ quyt :
The one doth love, the other hateth still.
Vhare some taks plesur, others tak despyte :
One shap, one subject, wishis weill and ill ;

Euen so will men Ч bot no man judge [I will,] Ч
Baith loue and loth, and only bot ane thing.
I can not skan these things above my skill.
Loue vhome they lyk ; for me, I loue the King,

Vhose Highnes laughed som tym for to look
Hou I chaist Polwart from the chimney [nook.]

Alexander Montgomerie

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