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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 26. To R. Hudsone. II

With mightie maters mynd I not to mell,
As copping courts, or comonwelthis, or kings,
Quhais craig joiks fastest, let tham sey thame sell ;
My thoght culd nevir think vpon sik things.

I wantonly wryt vnder Venus wings ;
In Cupids court je knau I half bene kend,
Quhair Muses jit som of my sonets sings,
And shall do aluayis to the worlds end.

Men hes no cans my cunning to commend,
That it suld merit sik a memorie ;
Jit je haif sene his Grace oft for me send,
Quhen he took plesure into poesie.

Quhill tyme may serve, perforce I must refrane,
That pleis his Grace I come to Court agane.

Alexander Montgomerie

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