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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 25. To R. Hudsone. I

My best belouit brother of the band,
I grein to sie the sillie smiddy smeik.
This is no lyfe that I live vpaland
On rau rid herring reistit in the reik,

Syn I am subject somtyme to be seik,
And daylie deing of my auld diseis.
Eit bread, ill aill, and all things are ane eik ;
This barme and blaidry buists up all my bees.

Je knau ill guyding genders mony gees,
And specially in poets. For example,
Je can pen out tua cuple and je pleis ;
Jourself and I, old Scot and Robert Semple.

Quhen we ar dead, that all our dayis bot daffis,
Let Christan Lyndesay wryt our epitaphis.

Alexander Montgomerie

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