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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 23. Of M. J. Sharpe. I

If gentle blude ingendrit be by baggis.
Then culd I ges vho wer a gentle Jhone ;
If he be wysest, with the world that waggis,
Jit culd I wish jou to a wittie one ;

If he be all, vha thinks his nichtbours none,
Then surely I suld shau jou vho wer all ;
If he be Cæsar, vho doth so suppone,
Then I conjecture vhom I Cæsar call ;

If he be sure, vho sueirs and sayis he sall,
Then certainly I wot weill vho wer sure ;
If he be firme, vho neuer feirs to fall,
I doubt not then vhose dayis suld lang indure ;

Sed quæritur, vhat lau he leivis at leist ?
He wald not preich ; he can not be a preist.

Alexander Montgomerie

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