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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 21. To the Lords of the Session. IV

My Lords, late lads, nou leidars of our lauis,
Except jour gouns, some hes not worth a grote.
Jour colblak conscience all the cuntrey knauis ;
Hou can je live, except je sell jour vote?

Thoght je deny, thair is aneu to note
How je for justice jouglarie hes vsit :
Suppose je say je jump not in a jote,
God is not blind. He will not be abusit.

The tym sail come vhen je sail be accu[sit,]
For mony hundreth je haif herryit heir ;
Quhare je sall be forsakin and refusit,
And syn compeld at Plotcok to appeir.

I hope in God at lenth, thoght it be late,
To sie sum sit into [dirk hellis gate].

Alexander Montgomerie

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