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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 17. To His Majestie, for His Pensioun. IV

Adeu, my King, court, cuntrey, and my kin :
Aden, suete Duke, vhose father held me deir :
Adeu, companiones, Constable and Keir :
Thrie treuar hairts, I trou, sail neuer tuin.

If byganes to revolve I suld begin,
My tragedie wald cost jou mony a teir
To heir hou hardly I am handlit heir,
Considring once the honour I wes in.

Shirs, je haif sene me griter with his Grace,
And with jour vmquhyle Maister, to, and myne ;
Quha thoght the Poet somtyme worth his place,
Suppose je sie they shot him out sensyne.

Sen wryt, nor wax, nor word is not a word :
I must perforce ga seik my fathers suord.

Alexander Montgomerie

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