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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 15. To His Majestie, for His Pensioun. II

If lose of guids, if gritest grudge or grief,
If povertie, imprisonment, or pane,
If for guid will ingratitude agane,
If languishing in langour but relief,

If det, if dolour, and to become deif,
If travell tint, and labour lost in vane,
Do properly to poets appertane Ч
Of all that craft my chance is to be chief

With August, Virgill wauntit his reuard.
And Ovids lote als lukles as the lave ;
Quhill Homer livd, his hap wes wery hard,
Jit, vhen he died, sevin cities for him strave :

Thoght I am not lyk one of thame in arte,
I pingle thame all perfytlie in that parte.

Alexander Montgomerie

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