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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 14. To His Majestie, for His Pensioun. I

Help, Prince, to vhom, on vhom not I complene,
Bot on, not to fals fortun, ay my fo ;
Quha but, not by a resone, reft me fro ;
Quho did, not does, jit suld my self sustene.

Of crymis, not cairs, since I haif kept me clene,
I thole, not thanks thame, Sir, vho servd me so ;
Quha heght, not held to me, and mony mo,
To help, not hurt, bot hes not byding bene :

Sen will, not wit, to lait vhilk I lament,
Of sight, not service, shed me from jour grace.
With, not without jour warrand, jit I went ;
In wryt, not words ; the papers ar in place :

Sen chance, not change, hes put me to this pane,
Let richt, not reif, my pensioun bring agane. *

Alexander Montgomerie

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