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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 12. In Praise of the Kings Vranie. III

Can goldin Titan shyning bright at morne,
For light of torches, cast a gritter shau ?
Can thunder reird the higher for a horne ?
Craks cannouns louder thoght a cok suld crau ?

Can our waik breathis help Boreas to blau ?
Can candle lou give fyr a griter heet?
Can quhytest suanis more quhyter mak the snau ?
Can virgins teirs augment the winter[s weet?]

Helps pyping Pan Apollos musik sueet ?
Can fontans smal the ocean sea incres?
No : they augment the griter not a quheet,
Bot they thaim selfis appeir to grou the les :

So, peirles Prince ! thy cunning maks the knoune ;
Ours helps not thyn : we steinjie bot our aune.

Alexander Montgomerie

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