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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 11. In Praise of the Kings Vranie. II

Of Titans harp, sith thou intones the strings,
Of ambrose and of nectar so thou feeds,
Not only vther poets thou outsprings,
Bot vhylis also thy very self excedes ;

Transporting thee as ravishd, vhen thou redes
Thyn auin inventione, wondering at thy wit.
Quhat mervell than, thoght our fordullit hedes
And blunter brainis be mare amaisd at it ;

To sie thy jeirs and age, vhilks thou hes jit,
Inferiour far to thy so grave ingyne ;
Quha hazard at so high a mark, and hit,
In English, as this Vranie of thyne :

Quharfor thy name, O Prince ! eternall ringis,
Quhais muse not Jove, bot grit Jehova singis.

Alexander Montgomerie

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