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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 10. In Praise of the Kings Vranie. I

Bellonas sone, of Mars the chosen chyld,
Minervas wit, and Mercuris goldin tung,
Apollos light, that ignorance exyld,
From Jove ingendrit, and from Pallas sprung,

Thy Vranie, O second Psalmist ! sung *,
Triumphis ouer death, in register of fame ; 
Quharfor thy trophee trimlie sail be hung 
With laurell grene, eternizing thy name. 

Bot euen as Phœbus shyning does ashame 
Diana with hir boroude beimis and blind ;
So vhen I preis thy praysis to proclame, 
Thy weghtie words maks myne appeir bot wind. 

Jit, worthy Prince ! thou wald tak in gude pairt 
My will for weill ; I want bot only arte.

Alexander Montgomerie

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