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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 7. To His Majestie

Shir, clenge jour cuntrie of thir cruell crymis,
Adultries, witchcraftis, incests, sakeles bluid ;
Delay not, bot as David did betymis,
Jour company of such men soon secluid.

Out with the wicked ; Ч garde jou with the gude ;
Of mercy and of judgment sey to sing.
Quhen je suld stryk, I wald je vnderstude ;
Quhen je suld spair, I wish je were bening.

Chuse godly counsel, leirne to be a king.
Beir not thir burthenis longer on jour bak.
Jumpe not with justice for no kynd of thing.
To just complantis gar gude attendance tak.

Thir bluidy sarks cryis alwayis in jour eiris :
Prevent the plague that presently appeirs.

Alexander Montgomerie

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