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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 4. To M. Dauid Drummond

As curious Dido Ænee did demand,
To vnderstand vha wrakt his toun, and hou
Him self got throu and come to Lybia land ;
To vhom fra hand his body he did bou :

With bendit brou, and tuinkling teirs, I trou,
He said, if thou, O Quene, wald knau the cace
Of Troy, alace ! it garis my body grou,
To tell it nou, so far to our disgrace ;

Hou, in short space, that som tym peirles place,
Before my face, in furious fiammis did burne ;
Compeld to murne, and than to tak the chace,
I ran this race, bot nevir to returne :

Sa thou, lyk Dido, Maister Dauid Drummond,
Hes me to ansueir, by thy sonet, summond.

Alexander Montgomerie

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