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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 2. Of the Works of God

High architectur, vondrous-vautit-rounds;
Huge host of hevin in restles-rolling spheers;
Firme-fixit polis whilk all the axtrie beirs;
Concordant-discords, suete harmonious sounds;

Boud Zodiak, circle-belting Phoebus bounds;
Celestiall signis, of moneths making yeers;
Bright Titan, to the tropiks that reteirs,
Quhais fyrie flammis all chaos face confounds;

Just balanced ball, amidst the hevins that hings;
All creaturs that Natur creat can,
To serve the vse of most vnthankfull man; Ч
Admire jour Maker, only King of Kings.

Prais him, O man! His mervels that remarks,
Quhais mercyis far exceids His wondrous warks.

Alexander Montgomerie

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