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Poem by William Creech

A Receipt For Happiness

Traverse the world, and fly from pole to pole!
Go far as winds can blow, or waters roll!
Lo! all is vanity beneath this sun,
To silent death through heedless paths we run.

See the pale miser poring oer his gold!
See the false patriot who his country sold!
Ambitions votry groans beneath the weight,
A splendid victim to the toils of state.

Evn in the mantling bowl sweet poisons flow;
And Loves pursuits oft terminate in woe;
Proud Learning ends her great career in doubt,
And, puzzled still, makes nothing clearly out.

Where then is earthly bliss? Where does it grow?
Know, mortal, happiness dwells not below!
Look up to Heaven!  be heaven thy darling care;
Spurn the vile earth, and seek thy treasure there;

Nothing but God,  and God alone youll find,
Can fill a boundless, and immortal mind!

William Creech

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