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Poem by Richard Gall

* * *

How sweet is the scene at the waking o' morning!
   How fair ilka object that lives in the view!
Dame Nature the valley an' hillock adorning,
   The wild-rose an' blue-bell yet wet wi' the dew.
How sweet in the morning o' life is my Anna!
   Her smiles like the sunbeam that glints on the lea;
To wander an' leave the dear lassie, I canna;
   Frae Truth, Love, an' Beauty, I never can flee.

O lang hae I lo'ed her, and lo'ed her fu' dearly,
   For saft is the smile o' her bonny sweet mou';
An' aft hae I read in her e'en, glancing clearly,
   A language that bade me be constant an' true.
Then ithers may doat on their gowd an' their treasure;
   For pelf, silly pelf, they may brave the rude sea;
To lo'e my sweet lassie, be mine the dear pleasure;
   Wi' her let me live, an' wi' her let me die. 

Richard Gall

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