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Poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

John Keats

The weltering London ways where children weep
   And girls whom none call maidens laugh, - strange road
   Miring his outward steps, who inly trode
The bright Castalian brink and Latmos' steep: -
Even such his life's cross-paths; till deathly deep,
   He toiled through sands of Lethe; and long pain,
   Weary with labour spurned and love found vain,
In dead Rome's sheltering shadow wrapped his sleep.

O pang-dowered Poet, whose reverberant lips
And heart-strung lyre awoke the Moon's eclipse, -
   Thou whom the daisies glory in growing o'er, -
Their fragrance clings around thy name, not writ
But rumour'd in water, while the fame of it
   Along Time's flood goes echoing evermore.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Poem Theme: John Keats

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