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Poem by Epes Sargent

The Hearts Summer

THE COLD blast at the casement beats;
  The window-panes are white;
The snow whirls through the empty streets;
  It is a dreary night!
Sit down, old friend, the wine-cups wait;        
  Fill to oerflowing, fill!
Though winter howleth at the gate,
  In our hearts t is summer still!

For we full many summer joys
  And greenwood sports have shared,        
When, free and ever-roving boys,
  The rocks, the streams, we dared;
And, as I looked upon thy face,
  Back, back oer years of ill,
My heart flies to that happy place,        
  Where it is summer still.

Yes, though like sere leaves on the ground,
  Our early hopes are strown,
And cherished flowers lie dead around,
  And singing birds are flown,        
The verdure is not faded quite,
  Not mute all tones that thrill;
And seeing, hearing thee to-night,
  In my heart t is summer still.

Fill up! The olden times come back        
  With light and life once more;
We scan the Futures sunny track
  From Youths enchanted shore;
The lost return: through fields of bloom
  We wander at our will;        
Gone is the winters angry gloom,
  In our hearts t is summer still.

Epes Sargent

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