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Poem by Mortimer Collins


⁠"And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking
in the garden in the cool of the day." Ч 
                                   Genesis iii. 8.

Ah, the most ancient time,
⁠     When God and man were friends,
And earth was rounded with a summer clime,
⁠     And the dull doubt that lends
Sorrow to life was all a thing unknown.
     ⁠Before those hours had flown
God walked at eventide thro' Eden's shade
⁠     And spoke to man, and man was not afraid.

Cannot that time return?
⁠     Is it not here, for those
Who from the strong still work of God can learn
⁠     His grandeur of repose?
A day with him is as a myriad years,
⁠     A tear outweighs the spheres,
And as he walked 'neath Eden's mystic tree
     ⁠In the cool eventide he walks with me.

⁠                                          Athenæum.

Mortimer Collins

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