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Poem by Epes Sargent

The Planet Jupiter

EVER at night have I looked up for thee,
O'er thy sidereal sisterhood supreme!
Ever at night have scanned the purple sea
For the reflection of thy quivering beam!
When the white cloud thy diamond radiance screened,
And the Bahama breeze began to wail,
How on the plunging bows for hours I've leaned,
And watched the gradual lifting of thy veil!
Bright planet! lustrous effluence! thou ray
From the Eternal Source of life and light!
Gleam on the track where Truth shall lead the way,
And gild the inward as the outward night!
Shine but as now upon my dying eyes,
And Hope, from earth to thee, from thee to Heaven, shall rise!

Epes Sargent

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