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Poem by Florence Earle Coates

Ditty: My True Love's Eyes

My true-love's eyes are a surprise
     ⁠To put an end to ranging;
They vary so,come weal, come woe,
     ⁠One can but watch their changing!

Sometimes they shine with light divine,
⁠     Twin deeps where moonbeams hover,
Anon they seem like stars agleam,
⁠     With laughter brimming over.

My true-love's mouth is as the south
⁠     In time of blossom, sunny;
A rose, in death, bequeathed it breath,
⁠     And bees have lent it honey.

But oh, her heart is still the art,
     ⁠The magic fresh and living,
That wins the free her slaves to be
⁠     By its own gift of giving!

Florence Earle Coates

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