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Poem by William Cowper

Inscription for a Stone

Erected at the Sowing of a Grove of Oaks at Chillington, the Seat of T. Gifford, Esq., 1790

OTHER stones the era tell
When some feeble mortal fell;
I stand here to date the birth
Of these hardy sons of earth.

  Which shall longest brave the sky,
Storm and frost,Чthese oaks or I?
Pass an age or two away,
I must moulder and decay;
But the years that crumble me
Shall invigorate the tree,
Spread its branch, dilate its size,
Lift its summit to the skies.

  Cherish honor, virtue, truth,
So shalt thou prolong thy youth.
Wanting these, however fast
Man be fixed and formed to last,
He is lifeless even now,
Stone at heart, and cannot grow.

William Cowper

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