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Poem by Capel Lofft

To the Sea

Written on the Beach at Aldborough

THOU awful sea! upon this shingly beach
Of Aldborough I pace: my gazing eye
Thy world of waters lost in the dim sky
Admiring, and thy echoing waves, that teach,
In voice of thunder, more than tongue can preach;
The knell of ages past and passing by;
And claim their ancient empire oer the dry
And solid earth; each animating each.
Of towns long sunk, oer which thy wild waves roar,
Of sea to land, of land to ocean turned,
I muse: and mourn, that who could amplest pour
Homeric tones on thy resounding shore
Porson is dead!that sea of Grecian lore
Unbounded, in the abyss of fate inurned.

Capel Lofft

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