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Poem by Robert Nicoll

The Spinnin'-Wheel

I WINNA sing o' bluidy deeds an' waefu' war's alarms;
For glancin' swords an' prancin' steeds, for me possess nae
But I will sing o' happiness which fireside bosoms feel,
While listenin' to the birrin' soun' o' Scotland's

The spinnin'-wheel ! the spinnin'-wheel! the very name is
It minds me o' the winter nichts, the blithest o' the year;
O' cozie hours in hamely ha's, while frozen was the wiel
In ilka burn,while lassies sang by Scotland's

It minds me o' the happy time, when, in our boyish glee,
At barley-bracks, we laughin' chased ilk kimmer we could
Or danced, while loud the bagpipes rang, the Highland
        foursum reel;
There's naething dowie brought to mind by Scotland's

The auld wife by the ingle sits, an' draws her cannie thread:
It hauds her baith in milk an' meal, an' a' thing she can need:
An' gleesome scenes o' early days upon her spirit steal,
Brought back to warm her wither'd heart by Scotland's

O! there is gladsome happiness, while round the fire are set
The younkers,when ahint the backs a happy pair are met,
Wha wi' a silent kiss o' love their blessed paction seal,
While sittin' in their truth beside auld Scotland's

O! weel I lo'e the blackbird's sang in spring-time o' the year;
O! weel I We the cushat's croon, in merry May to hear;
But o' the sounds o' love and joy, there's nane I lo'e sae weel
There's nane sae pleasant as the birr o' Scotland's

Robert Nicoll

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