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Poem by Alexander Laing

Jean of Aberdeen

YE ve seen the blooming rosy brier,
  On stately Dees wild woody knowes;
Ye ve seen the opning lily fair,
  In streamy Dons gay broomy howes;
An ilka bonnie flower that grows
  Amang their banks and braes sae green,
These borrow a their finest hues
  Frae lovely Jean of Aberdeen.

Ye ve seen the dew-eyed bloomy haw,
  When morning gilds the welkin high;
Ye ve heard the breeze o summer blaw,
  When eening steals alang the sky.
But brighter far is Jeanies eye
  When we re amang the braes alane,
An softer is the bosom-sigh
  Of lovely Jean of Aberdeen.

Though I had a the valleys gay
  Around the airy Bennochie,
An a the fleecy flocks that stray
  Amang the lofty hills o Dee;
While Memry lifts her melting ee,
  An Hope unfolds her fairy scene,
My heart wi them I d freely gie
  To lovely Jean of Aberdeen.

Alexander Laing

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