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Poem by Sarah Orne Jewett


I wonder if you really send
    These dreams of you that come and go!
I like to say, "She thought of me,
    And I have known it." Is it so?

Though other friends walk by your side,
    Yet sometimes it must surely be,
They wonder where your thoughts have gone,
    Because I have you here with me.

And when the busy day is done
    And work is ended, voices cease,
When every one has said good night,
    In fading firelight then in peace

I idly rest: you come to me,Ч
    Your dear love holds me close to you.
If I could see you face to face
  It would not be more sweet and true;

I do not hear the words you speak,
    Nor touch your hands, nor see your eyes:
Yet, far away the flowers may grow
    From whence to me the fragrance flies;

And so, across the empty miles
    Light from my star shines. Is it, dear,
Your love has never gone away?
    I said farewell andЧkept you here.

Sarah Orne Jewett

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