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Poem by Sarah Orne Jewett

Boat Song

Oh, rest your oars and let me drift
    While all the stars come out to see!
The birds are talking in their sleep
    As we go by so silently.
The idle winds are in the pines;
    The ripples touch against the shore.
Oh, rest your oars and let me drift,
    And let me dream forevermore!

The sweet wild roses hear and wake,
    And send their fragrance through the air;
The hills are hiding in the dark,
    There is no hurry anywhere.
The shadows close around the boat,
    Ah, why should we go back to shore!
So rest your oars, and we will float
    Without a care forevermore.

Oh, little waves that plash and call,
    How fast you lead us out of sight!
And we must follow where you go
    This strange and sweet midsummer night;
The quiet river reaches farЧ
    The darkness covers all the shore;
With idle oars we downward float
    In starlight dim forevermore.

Sarah Orne Jewett

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