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Poem by William Dunbar

Love's Inconstancy

Quha will behald of luve the chance
With sueit dissavyng countenance,
In quhais fair dissimulance
May none assure;
Quhilk is begun with inconstance
And endis nocht but variance.
Scho haldis with continuance
No serviture.

Discretioun and considerance
Ar both out of hir govirnance,
Quhairfoir of it the schort plesance
May nocht indure.
Scho is so new of acquentance,
The auld gais fra remembrance.
Thus I gife our the observans
Of luvis cure.

It is ane pount of ignorance
To lufe in sic distemperance,
Sen tyme mispendit may avance
No creature.
In luve to keip allegance,
It war als nys an ordinance
As quha wald bid ane deid man dance
In sepulture.

William Dunbar

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