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Poem by Henry Constable

H.C. to the Gentleman Reader

If thou desire to knowe the reason why,
Thou doo'st in Sheild the Armes of honour bear,
This Booke will say that they by nature were
The HIEROGLYPHICKS of Nobility .
It shewes beside, how Art doth beautifie
What Nature doth inspire, and how each-where
All Arts conion'd in this Art do appeare ,
By structure of a choyce Phylosophie.
GEOMETRIE giues Lines in ordred Place ,
Numbers ARITHMETICK, and thou may'st see
How all in OPTICK Colours honour thee .
But since that Virtue which adorn'd the race
From whence thou did'st descend was ground of al,
Haue care to follow it, or all will fall.

Henry Constable

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