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Poem by Florence Earle Coates


Viceroy they made him, Admiral and Don,
     ⁠Wishinggood King and Queen!to honor him
     ⁠Whose deeds should make all like distinctions dim.
Columbus! Other title needs he none.
     ⁠And theyin wisdom more than kingship blest
     ⁠Go down to future days, remembered best
For service rendered to that lowly one.

Columbus! With proud love, yet reverently,
⁠     Pronounce that name,the name of one who heard
⁠     A word of life, and, answering that word,
Braved death, unfearing, on the Shadowy Sea;
     ⁠Whoseeking land not known to any chart,
⁠     That land by faith deep graven on his heart
Found justice, truth, and human liberty!

Florence Earle Coates

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